Brought to you
by ETTC of Burlington
Alysa Cummings


1. Use Google Images ( to find and copy a picture to the desktop using your ETTC Quick Recipe directions. 

2. Go to start-programs-microsoft word and open up a blank page. 

3. Go to insert-textbox and draw a box for the prompt words. 

4. Point, click and type the following sentences inside the text box: 

An ancient proverb says, ďA picture is worth a thousand words.Ē  Regardless of the artistís original intent, what we see in the picture can be very different from what others see.  What words would you use to describe what is happening in this picture?  Use your imagination and experience to speculate what the    story is about or to describe what is happening. 

5. Drag the text box full of words to the lower part of the page. 

6. Go to insert-textbox and draw another box; this one will hold the picture. 

7. Go to insert-picture-from file and highlight desktop. 

8. Point and click to find your picture; click insert. 

9. Size the picture if necessary by clicking on it once in the middle.  Drag the small black box in the lower right hand corner of the picture.  Remember, when it comes to digital pictures, smaller is better! 

10. Click and drag the outer text box to where you want to place the picture, somewhere in the upper half     of the page. 

11. Click near the top of the page and type the title: Language Arts Literacy Day 1- Part 1 or heading (name, teacher, date, etc.) whichever you choose.  Feel free to change the font size, type and style. 

12.Go to file-print.