ETTC's Greatest Hits: Fall Into Technology  
(…with a little bit of help from the Internet)   

Now that “back to school” time is past and the school year is in full swing, here are some Internet sites (and related ideas) for integrating technology with instruction as the seasons change.

Check out What Tree is It? when your students bring those beautiful leaves into the classroom and need help identifying the type of tree they fell from.digpic18.jpg


Why do leaves change color anyway?  Visit with the experts from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry or CG Online, to find out.

There are Fall activities as well as arts and crafts projects for early elementary students to enjoy at Kids Domain Fall Fun and at The Miracle of Fall. 

Grade 3 teachers may want to explore the Changing Seasons WebQuest and consider it as a project to work on with their students.

Grade 2 teachers are invited to pay a virtual visit to Mrs.Silverman’s Class to experience their Online Autumn project.  Or check out the ideas for fall activities month by month at abcteach.

For a multicultural approach to the season, check out lesson plans for Harvest Festivals Around the World.

Practice safe behaviors for October 31st by playing the Official Halloween Safety Game

Here are some other Fall websites for your consideration:

Fall theme
Fall into Fall theme unit
Happy Fall y'all
Foliage Network
Scholastic Seasons
Autumn Leaf Scrapbook
Fall Foliage (by state)
Fall Color Webcams


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